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        1. Company Profile

          Dongying Zhengyi Packaging Co., Ltd is in Guangrao Economic Development Zone,which is located in China's youngestland - the hinterland of the Yellow River delta.

          We are a medium-sized enterprise, and our main products are paper-plastic composite bags,valve  bags,woven bags,PP/PE woven bags and PE blown film bag etc. Our company was founded in Feb,2006, registered capital is ¥30 million,annual production capacity is 60 million pieces.

          Since the establishment,our company introduces advanced equipments, constantly improves processing technique, enlarges production scale,introduces highly qualified technician and has established a more perfect quality management system.

          By adopting scientific formula,using the PP,PE material produced by famous manufacturers, the quality of our products always stand at the front of industry. Our company has passed ISO9001 certification and ISO14001 certification. The company carried out the shareholding system reform in 2016 and listed on the New Third Board on July 18, 2018, referred to as Zhengyi Packaging (stock code 872880).

          In the process of development, our company always have a strong brand awareness and a spirit of reform and change, which propels us to meet the challenges and transcend ourself. In this wave of China's New Normal, we are on the way of keep moving......

          Our products have covered most of famous PVC manufacturers in China, such as Shaanxi Beiyuan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd(Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd’s subsidiary),Gansu Yingguang Juin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd(China North Industries Group Corporation’s subsidiary), (East hope’s subsidiary), Ningxia Younglight Chemicals Co.,Ltd(China Guodian Corporation’s subsidiary) and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd etc.

          We also have good cooperation with overseas customers and international trade companies, and have good reputation among our customers.

          Our Culture

          3H Concepts: High Quality High Efficiency High-level Design Pattern
          For the Nation, to create an excellent brand with permanently influence
          For the Government, Exclude the difficulty and anxiety, Observe law and discipline,Operate sincerity business
          For Customer ,to provide high quality product and good service
          For partners , mutual benefit ,mutual development

          Company conviction :God help those who help themselves

          Company characteristic: Think dare for the world

          Company style: Always keep entrepreneurship, never give up

          Quality Concept: Quality is the soul of Company

          Marketing concept: Fully Meet Customer Demand

          Brand concept: Be born and brought up here,or destroyed here

          Service concept: Warmly ,Actively,Effective,Professional