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          Dongying Zhengyi Packaging Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the New Third Board

          On September 7, 2018, Dongying Zhengyi Packaging Co., Ltd. was officially listed in the National SME Share Transfer System. Securities abbreviation: Zhengyi packaging, stock code: 872880.

          The listing of the New Third Board is a major milestone in Zhengyi Packaging, indicating that Zhengyi Packaging has entered a new starting point and entered a new journey. The company will further standardize its operations, improve its capital structure, establish a good corporate image, and enhance its core competitiveness. Corporate sustainability.

          Since its inception in 2013, Zhengyi Packaging has been continuously innovating and continuously researching and developing. Its various indicators have reached the national leading level. Now it has an annual output of 60 million sets of paper-plastic composite packaging, customers all over the country, and exported to Canada, the United States, Turkey, Thailand, etc. area.